Anonymous asked:
my ex boyfriend and i broke up four years ago. in those four years there would be points where we'd talk everyday, and then stop. then in the last year, he got a girlfriend and he's still with her now. we haven't had a proper conversation ever since he got with her. he started talking to me three days ago, out of the blue. completely unexpected. why?

He might miss talking to you, even when a guy or girl, break up with someone and for the next couple of years they continue to talk to them if they just stop out of the blue because they found another person to date, there is something that makes them miss the other person. Now I don’t know how long you guys -dated- but that may be a factor in this as well. He may miss how you two were, or at least how comfortable talking to you is. I would ask him why he decided to talk to you now since he had stopped in that last year.


Anonymous asked:
I've kinda started having feelings for this guy out of school, hes good friends with a friend of mine who knows I like him. She always brings me up infront of him and asks him if hes interested in me and he always goes all red and laughs it off. It's really awkward between us though because everytime we make conversation it is just the most awkward thing ever, and i never know what to say. he comes off as a really shy cute boy. I'm not really sure how I can catch his attention. help?

hmm - you could just start talking to him over facebook? or see if your friend could arrange some kind of ‘group hang’ where you and a bunch of others could hang out and you could talk to him more and get to know him better! i think that’s the best way to go :)

Vote for this. (:
Anonymous asked:
hello! i'm a different from the fwb question below if you were wondering!! so with my friends with benefits, after we had this day of hooking up, at one point the person asked me if i liked him. then after the weekend he started acting weird. what's going on? xxxxx

i cant predict this one for you! he’ll most likely have his own reasons. this could either be
- he’s making sure he doesn’t get too attached in fear that you dont like him back
- he might’ve found another person, or he’s lying to you about something that he feels wrong about

just be honest with him and ask him about it x 

Anonymous asked:
what are a few signs that show that a friends with benefit thing has turned into something more?

The way a person looks at you. Usually if its you who has feelings you’ll know yourself. If the other person has developed feelings for you  you’ll probably find that the way they look at you is different. It’s not really something that is easily explained but they might begin behaving differently towards you, either hiding their emotions more in fear of things turning into something more, or by purposefully showing more emotion. 

Anonymous asked:
its me the girl from the 'my favourite girl' ask. I'm completely crazy about him, but I can feel him not feeling the same way when we have met up in normal situations. But when we go camping he is such a rebel, flirts, takes me on adventures, holds my hand etc... Still nothing. All his friends at camping make fun of me for liking him- he just ignores it like its nothing. I am nothing to him, I'm only there when he is bored :(

If he doesn’t treat you well then he isn’t worth it. Although maybe he really doesn’t like you any more than a friend and that might unfortunately be something you have to learn to live with! You can either stay quiet about it and enjoy the friendship or you can put it on the line by telling him (whilst you’re alone at camping). If any time would be perfect it would be then. Goodluck x

Anonymous asked:
theres this guy I've known for a few years, we dont hang out much during the year but in the summer holidays we both go camping at the same time- we hang out flirt all that. Then we get home and talk heaps at first, but its always about his girl problems... he considers me to be one of bestfriends and calls me 'his favourite girl' yet he doesnt see that I truly do care for him.... Should I give up or?

no don’t give up! send him hints that you do care for him and even tell him - if you dont hang out that much then if he has a bad response to it then you wont have to deal with it for a while and you could both just forget about it. if you do tell him there is a chance it could work out in your favour. it’s really up to you and whether you’re willing to put your friendship on the line.

Anonymous asked:
so there's this guy that I like and he's showing me signs that he likes me back (in more ways than one) but I always see him hanging out with all these girls and he always gets girls adding him on facebook... I have no idea if he talks to them but like idk what to do. He also compliments me a lot and we talk on the phone and might be meeting up on the weekend. How do I show him that I'm like really interested in him?

You just need to be yourself without being too forceful or over the top, or else it’ll scare him away. Just act naturally around him, enjoy the time your have with him, and just have fun. If you’re both enjoying yourselves then it’s a hint enough that it might go somewhere from there. It just takes time - get to know him better and it will get simpler :) x

Anonymous asked:
im insanely in love with my bestfriend, and i dont know if he feels the same way. we have done everything but sex but we are always drunk when it happpens. im quite a big girl and he isnt into my type of body structure and im so worried that, that might be the only thing keeping him away. & all my friends are always telling us that we should be together boys & girls!! i dont know what to do.. i dont want to ruin what we have.

Maybe just send him hints in conversation that you’re keen for a relationship. That’s a good way of getting the message across without having to explicitly say it out loud. I understand you not wanting to ruin the friendship, so just hinting at things is probably the best way to go. Goodluck x

Anonymous asked:
i met this boy at a camp who has had a girlfriend for a while, and we flirted a lot and always pretended to be a couple. we always came close to kissing, but at the last moment, we would pull away because it wouldn't be right. we talked everyday. but now that camp is over, and we live quite a distance away, we don't talk anymore. now i just want to be good friends with him. how can i transition away from the flirting and start talking to him and acting like a proper friend? he's a great guy. xox

Just be straight out with him, tell him you know you guys live far away but you still wanna be friends with him. Once that’s clear just talk to him as usual :) x